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Doctor Who - The Web Of Fear álbum

  • Artista: Doctor Who
  • Título: The Web Of Fear
  • Género: No Música / Pantalla
  • País: UK
  • Fuente de los registros: 3 × CD, Remastered
  • Liberado: 2003
  • Estilo: Soundtrack, Audiobook, Spoken Word
  • Etiqueta: BBC Radio Collection
  • Catálogo#: ISBN 0-563-55382-0
  • MP3 álbum: 2318 mb
  • FLAC álbum: 1738 mb
  • Clasificación: 4.0/5
  • Votos: 695
Doctor Who - The Web Of Fear álbum

Lista de canciones

1 Episode One
2Scene 1: Laboratory, Goodge Street Fortress0:04
3Scene 18: Station Platform, Charing Cross0:34
4Scene 9: TARDIS Exterior0:11
5Scene 16: Corridor, Goodge Street Fortress0:14
6Opening Titles0:29
7Scene 15: Main Door0:25
8Scene 1: Ops Room, Goodge Street Fortress0:10
9Scene 7: Common Room, Goodge Street Fortress1:57
10Scene 3: Common Room, Goodge Street Fortress0:18
11Scene 8: TARDIS Console Room0:31
12Opening Titles0:30
13Scene 15: Ops Room, Goodge Street Fortress1:48
14Scene 13: Laboratory, Goodge Street Fortress1:17
15Scene 20: Ops Room, Goodge Street Fortress0:43
16Scene 16: Laboratory, Goodge Street Fortress0:29
17Scene 22: Station Platform, Cannon Street0:20
18Scene 12: Tunnel (Curved)0:46
19Scene 15: Station Platform, Piccadilly Circus0:28
20Scene 20: Electrical Shop, Street Level1:07
21Scene 19: Street, Covent Garden3:21
22Scene 27: Laboratory, Goodge Street Fortress0:11
23Scene 10: Ops Room, Goodge Street Fortress0:58
24 Episode Two
25Scene 14: Tunnel (Curved)1:02
26Scene 10: TARDIS Console Room1:14
27Scene 28: Corridor And Main Door, Goodge Street Fortress0:10
28Scene 16: Ops Room, Goodge Street Fortress0:57
29Scene 6: Tunnel (Elsewhere)0:43
30Scene 2: Tunnel0:52
31Scene 24: Common Room, Goodge Street Fortress1:08
32Scene 3: TARDIS Console Room1:06
33Scene 13: Ops Room, Goodge Street Fortress2:07
34Scene 6: Station Platform, St Paul's0:43
35Scene 17: Ops Room, Goodge Street Fortress0:46
36Scene 5: Tunnel (Y-Section)0:45
37Scene 3: Ops Room, Goodge Street Fortress0:58
38Scene 20: Station Platform, Charing Cross0:30
39Scene 2: Silverstein's Museum, Night4:29
40Scene 9: Station Platform, Piccadilly Circus0:36
41Scene 21: Ops Room, Goodge Street Fortress0:20
42 Episode Five
43Scene 28: Station Platform, Charing Cross0:37
44Scene 11: Common Room, Goodge Street Fortress1:10
45Scene 20: Tunnel (Y-Section)2:09
46Scene 8:Ops Room, Goodge Street Fortress0:59
47Scene 4: Common Room, Goodge Street Fortress2:25
48Scene 5: TARDIS Console Room0:46
49Scene 21: Corridor And Main Door0:20
50Scene 10: Station Platform, Piccadilly0:59
51Scene 3: Tunnel (Elsewhere)1:07
52Scene 11: Station Platform, Covent Garden1:33
53Scene 15: Tunnel (Straight)0:27
54Scene 6: Ops Room, Goodge Street Fortress0:13
55Scene 26: Common Room, Goodge Street Fortress0:26
56Scene 5: Laboratory, Goodge Street Fortress0:46
57Scene 2: Tunnel (Straight)0:40
58Scene 1: Station Platform, Monument0:59
59Scene 29: Ops Room, Goodge Street Fortress0:49
60Scene 14: Laboratory, Goodge Street Fortress0:34
61Scene 12: Booking Hall, Covent Garden0:43
62Scene 25: Station Platform, Charing Cross0:21
63Scene 2: Tunnel (Y-Section)0:17
64Scene 10: Ops Room, Goodge Street Fortress2:42
65Scene 8: Laboratory, Goodge Street Fortress0:33
66Scene 22: Interior Warehouse0:50
67Scene 5: Tunnel (Elsewhere)0:23
68Scene 6: Ops Room, Goodge Street Fortress1:06
69Scene 16: Booking Hall, Piccadilly7:17
70Scene 18: Ops Room, Goodge Street Fortress0:32
71Scene 13: Passage Off Booking Hall, Piccadilly0:55
72Scene 4: Tunnel (Elsewhere)1:05
73Scene 18: Laboratory, Goodge Street Fortress0:17
74Scene 23: Corridor0:16
75Scene 21: Corridor, Goodge Street Fortress0:27
76Scene 24: Tunnel (Y-Section)0:17
77 Episode Three
78Scene 17: Tunnels0:54
79Scene 5: Laboratory, Goodge Street Fortress0:28
80Scene 3: Laboratory, Goodge Street Fortress1:33
81Scene 9: Tunnel (Straight)0:50
82Scene 21: Ops Room, Goodge Street Fortress0:24
83Scene 12: Station Platform, Piccadilly Circus1:04
84Scene 18: Tunnel0:19
85Scene 7: Laboratory, Goodge Street Fortress1:28
86Scene 12: Station Platform, Piccadilly2:04
87Scene 17: Tunnel (Straight)0:12
88Scene 11: Tunnel1:01
89Scene 8: Laboratory, Goodge Street Fortress1:14
90Scene 22: Laboratory, Goodge Street Fortress0:33
91Scene 14: Booking Hall, Piccadilly0:14
92Scene 18: Tunnel (Curved)0:59
93Scene 23: Ops Room, Goodge Street Fortress1:02
94 Episode Four
95Scene 15: Station Platform, Piccadilly1:01
96Scene 5: Common Room, Goodge Street Fortress0:53
97Scene 16: Tunnel (Curved)0:14
98Scene 7: Tunnel (Elsewhere)0:53
99Scene 2: Tunnel0:56
100Scene 2: Station Platform, Charing Cross0:06
101Scene 4: TARDIS Exterior0:13
102Scene 1: Laboratory, Goodge Street Fortress4:37
103Scene 26: Common Room, Goodge Street Fortress0:21
104Scene 1: TARDIS Console Room1:48
105Scene 9: Common Room, Goodge Street Fortress1:57
106 Episode Six
107Scene 25: Ops Room, Goodge Street Fortress0:29
108Scene 19: Corridor And Main Door, Goodge Street Fortress0:29
109Scene 7: Ops Room, Goodge Street Fortress1:00
110Scene 13: Ops Room, Goodge Street Fortress1:53
111Scene 7-9: Laboratory And Corridor, Goodge Street Fortress2:12
112Scene 24: Common Room, Goodge Street Fortress0:19
113Scene 10: Common Room, Goodge Street Fortress2:40
114Scene 14: Tunnel (Curved)0:53
115Opening Titles0:32
116Scene 4: Tunnel (Curved)1:17
117Scene 6: Corridor And Main Door, Goodge Street Fortress0:22
118Scene 14: Tunnel1:48
119Scene 15: Laboratory, Goodge Street Fortress0:29
120Scene 27: Ops Room, Goodge Street Fortress0:11
121Scene 13: Station Platform, Covent Garden0:57
122Scene 23: Ops Room, Goodge Street Fortress0:34
123Scene 16: Exterior Street0:20
124Scene 13: Ops Room, Goodge Street Fortress0:40
125Scene 4: Ops Room, Goodge Street Fortress1:02
126Scene 12: Tunnel2:50
127Scene 11: Common Room, Goodge Street Fortress2:12
128Scene 7: Station Platform, Charing Cross1:02
129Scene 17: Tunnel (Straight)0:31
130Scene 17: Ops Room, Goodge Street Fortress0:34
131Scene 12: Laboratory, Goodge Street Fortress1:28
132Scene 19: Laboratory, Goodge Street Fortress0:53
133Scene 22: Ops Room, Goodge Street Fortress1:13
134Scene 14: Corridor And Main Door, Goodge Street Fortress0:12
135Scene 4: Ops Room, Goodge Street Fortress0:46
136Scene 1: Ops Room, Goodge Street Fortress0:25
137Scene 17: Tunnel (Straight)1:39
138Scene 26: Station Platform, Monument1:17
139Scene 11: Ops Room, Goodge Street Fortress0:38
140Scene 11: Tunnel1:55
141Scene 6: Surface Door0:40
142Scene 9: Booking Hall, Piccadilly2:05
143Scene 3: Tunnel (Straight)0:48
144Scene 25: Corridor And Main Door, Goodge Street Fortress0:16
145Scene 23: Laboratory, Goodge Street Fortress2:08
146Scene 10: Laboratory, Goodge Street Fortress0:54
147Scene 19: Ops Room, Goodge Street Fortress0:17
148Opening Titles0:33
149Scene 19: Ops Room, Goodge Street Fortress0:47
150Scene 8: Tunnel (Y-Section)0:58


  • Composed By [Title Music]Ron Grainer
  • IllustrationMax Ellis
  • Narrator [Linking Script For Audio]Frazer Hines
  • Producer [For Compact Disc]Mark Ayres
  • Remastered By [Digitally Remastered For Compact Disc]Mark Ayres
  • Voice Actor [Anne Travers]Tina Packer
  • Voice Actor [Captain Knight]Ralph Watson
  • Voice Actor [Col. Lethbridge-stuart]Nicholas Courtney
  • Voice Actor [Corporal Blake]Richardson Morgan
  • Voice Actor [Corporal Lane]Rod Beacham
  • Voice Actor [Craftsman Weams]Stephen Whittaker
  • Voice Actor [Dr Who]Patrick Troughton
  • Voice Actor [Driver Evans]Derek Pollitt
  • Voice Actor [Harold Chorley]Jon Rollason
  • Voice Actor [Jamie]Frazer Hines
  • Voice Actor [Julius Silverstein]Frederick Schrecker
  • Voice Actor [Soldiers]Bernard G High, Joseph O'Connell
  • Voice Actor [Staff Sgt. Arnold]Jack Woolgar
  • Voice Actor [Travers]Jack Watling
  • Voice Actor [Victoria]Deborah Watling
  • Voice Actor [Yeti]Colin Warman, Gordon Stothard, Jeremy King , John Levene, John Lord, Roger Jacombs
  • Written-ByHenry Lincoln , Mervyn Haisman
  • Written-By [Linking Script For Audio]Sue Cowley


First broadcast BBC1 3 February 1968 to 9 March 1968, 6 episodes. Original TV episodes directed by Douglas Camfield and produced by (uncredited on CD) Peter Bryant.

Producer's note: The quality of the recording reflects the age of the programmes and the off-air nature of the source material. Whilst every attempt has been made to clean up and remaster these recordings using the latest technology, the sound quality may vary.

Códigos de barras

  • Barcode (Scanned ): 9780563553823
  • Barcode (Text): 9 780563 553823


The Web of Fear is the partly missing fifth serial of the fifth season of the British science fiction television series Doctor Who, which was first broadcast in six weekly parts from 3 February to 9 March 1968. The serial is set on the London Underground railway over forty years after the 1967 serial The Abominable Snowmen. In the serial, the incorporeal Great Intelligence leads the time traveller the Second Doctor Patrick Troughton into a trap where it can drain the Doctor's mind of all of his. The Web of Fear was the fifth serial of season 5 of Doctor Who. It saw the return of the Great Intelligence and its robotic Yeti, as well as Professor Edward Travers. Perhaps most notably, however, it featured the first appearance of Colonel - later Brigadier - Lethbridge-Stewart, played by Nicholas Courtney. UNIT, however, was not introduced until his next appearance, in The Invasion. Doctor Who: Season 5. a list of 40 titles created 22 Mar 2014. MY List Episodes. The Web Of Fear is a story I have admired for many years. I knew it was considered a classic and rightfully so. But, I never quite came to appreciate it when it was found and released to the world in time for the 50th anniversary I loved every minute of it I can't say much more. You must see this Doctor Who story Almost all of the story is intact and ready to be viewed. It's a great thrill ride with enough mystery and action to keep you interested. The Web of Fear. Written by Mervyn Haisman and Henry Lincoln Story 41 Season 05. Episode Title. Premiere Date. Episode 1. Episode 2. Watch Doctor Who. Find out how to watch the past, present and future adventures of everyone's favourite Time Lord Television. Stream Series 1-11 On HBO Max. BBC America HBO Max. On Demand. Download or stream your favourite episodes. By Mervyn Haisman and Henry Lincoln. The TARDIS gets engulfed in a web in space. The Doctor frees them from their trap only to land them in trouble underground. Episode One. The Doctor goes underground. Episode Three. The Doctor encounters a future ally. Episode Five. The Great Intelligence takes control. Web of fear is without a doubt one of the best stories from the troughton years and it's an extremely important story in the entire history of the classic Doctor Who we need unit for the first time well one very important member of unit colonel lethbridge-stewart he hadn't reached Brigadier rank yet. However this story has now been found appart from Episode 3 and quickly released on dvd. Long-lost WHO serial WEB OF FEAR features the second incarnation of the Doctor, Patrick Troughton, in a scary adventure located deep in the tunnels of the London Underground. The six episode serial also boasts the Timelord's first meeting with Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart, AKA 'the Brigadier'. Product Identifiers. For many years this story was missing ,with only episode one surviving to give us taste of what is one of the best DR Who stories Now fully restored back to glory it's brilliant ,the Doctor Victoria and Jamie find themselves suspended in space ,with a mysterious web holding the outside of the Tardis. most of the story takes place down the. Search the history of over 439 billion web pages on the Internet. search Search the Wayback Machine. Doctor Who - Target Library 072 - Doctor Who and the Web of Fear. ark:13960t3dz2xb3v. Recovered missing episodes of Doctor Who, the worlds longest running sci-fi drama are being revealed and available to view and own for the first time in over 40 years, Ten Doctor Who episodes were discovered through the tracking records of shipments made by the BBC to Africa that contained tapes for transmission. This is the 1968 story, The Web of Fear, and, as the original episode three remains missing, part of this story has been reconstructed using stills with the original audio

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